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Pictured (left to right): Bobby and daughter, Sarah at Sarah's college graduation from the University of Louisville, Bobby and wife, Marsha, and Bobby and grandson, Hudson (6).


I am excited and pleased to announce my candidacy for Carter County Judge Executive. I am 48 years old and live in Carter County with my wife, Marsha, my daughter, Sarah, and grandson, Hudson. I am an old school, hard working, God-fearing, democrat with conservative values. I am not a modern day democrat as rivals will categorize me. I believe in God and His plan of salvation, I support the peoples right to keep and bear arms, and will always defend our constitutional rights as I have sworn to do for many years as a peace officer. I believe in personal responsibility and personal accountability. 

I want to start by saying I am not a politician. I am a career business man and long time law enforcement officer, having served the citizens of Carter County for over twenty seven years (twenty of those years as Chief of Police). I have been inside of homes and traveled the roads all over this county, and have witnessed first hand the struggles that Carter County citizens face daily.

I own and operate three successful small businesses and have done so for over twenty years. My years of business and construction experience coupled with my city government experience managing finances and human resources have well prepared me to serve as your judge executive.

I attended West Carter High School and Eastern Kentucky University. I am a product of our community and region. I am from here, I grew up here. I am deeply invested in and familiar with Carter County, having worked as a peace officer and contractor all over our area most of my life. I know many of you. I have attended school, church and community events with you. I believe in hard work for the betterment of our community and want to put my work ethic on display for the citizens of our county. 


I believe my unique life experiences, business involvement, and educational background give me a special insight and definite advantage over other candidates. I have participated in and observed city government meetings for twenty years and understand how public government operates for the people it represents. I understand government is the voice of the people as a whole, and not that of just a few. I understand we must spend our tax dollars wisely and efficiently to get the most out of the funding we have available.


We have many good things going on in Carter County. I want to build on our progress and strengths and lead us into a brighter future for the next generation.


I have a plan for a better Carter County and will work hard to achieve that plan. I will not promise you anything I cannot deliver, but I will promise honest, hard working leadership!


I humbly ask for your vote and influence for Carter County Judge Executive in the upcoming election.


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